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Stittsville Lions Club – thanking local frontline workers


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Behind most good deeds in Stittsville and area can be found the yellow vest of the Stittsville Lions Club. May 25th was no exception as they participated in the ‘Lions at Work’ campaign.



Through the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF), the Stittsville Lions received a Grant allowing them to deliver ‘Snack & Go’ food items and water to local retirement homes. The items dropped off are for the many front line workers diligently caring for our elderly.



Stittsville Villa and Manor Retirement Residence on Main Street were the first to receive the donation of quick snack food and bottles of water. Most of these front line workers are working double shifts to perform the care needed for our beloved family and community members to keep them safe from COVID-19.



This is the second LCIF Grant that the Stittsville Lions have received in recent years. The first funding grant was provided to help the Dunrobin tornado victims.

The grants are given out globally so the various Clubs can make a positive impact in the world. Without the LCIF financial assistance, large-scale service projects would not be possible for Stittsville Lions and the other Clubs worldwide to continue to bring their activities and supportive influence to the community.

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